Who We Are

Tixza is an event ticket network dedicated to keeping the cost of purchasing event tickets in balance with the cost of events. We have devised a system to keep service charges low on all lower priced tickets. We use a market tested secure platform that operates seamlessly with most major credit cards. It is a rigorously tested, web 2.0 solution that is used internationally!

What We Offer

  • Online tickets with reasonable service charges - No exorbitant ticket charges
  • Increased sales for small venues and promoters
  • Increased advance ticket sales
  • Greater access to ticketing for emerging artists
  • New artists will access have larger audiences!
  • E-tickets
  • Smart phone display tickets
  • Legacy Tickets option printed consignments

Contact Us

Phone: 1-844-GOTIXZA

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Join the club and event producers and venues who are now using Tixza!

We also service many venues who do not have in house ticket systems!